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    In 1998, Ke Peida was formally established in Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province.
    More than 20 years of devotion, innovation foe the near future. Changzhou Ke Peida Ultrasonic Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., focus on cleaning and related automation equipment research, design...  

    Product Center

    KPD-100CV/02 Filter Precision Brushing Machine
    KPD-100CV/02 Filter ...
    KPDW-QC5000 Auto Basket Cleaning Machine
    KPDW-QC5000 Auto Bas...
    KPD-5000 Step Spray Cleaning Drying Machine
    KPD-5000 Step Spray ...
    KPDW-QS7000/TG Step High Pressure Spray Dryer
    KPDW-QS7000/TG Step ...
    KPD-2460S Wafer Mounting Machine
    KPD-2460S Wafer Moun...
    KPDW-QC1024-28C Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    KPDW-QC1024-28C Ultr...
    Our Advantages

    Focus on research and development, design, production, marketing, installation and service of semiconductor and LED, wet process intelligent equipment.


    Corporate Honour

    Has won the "credit (contract) AAA Level Enterprises" and "Changzhou City famous trademark "," Jiangsu Province famous trademark "," Jiangsu Province ...

    Enterprise patent

    Has 10 national invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents, more than 20 software copyright.

    Behaviour code

    Ke Peida takes the product quality as the foundation, the innovation as the source, the customer needs as the direction, diligently.

    News Center

    Introduction of Correct Installation of ...

    As the name implies, curved glass cleaning equipment refers to the equipment dedicated to cleaning c...

    05 May More

    Product Features of Intelligent Silica C...

    As a kind of cleaning equipment, intelligent silicon wafer cleaning integrated machine belongs to th...

    05 May More


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  • Contact: Mr. Li
  • Phone: 0086-519-88406980
  • Mobile: 0086-13382807880  
  • E-mail: ljz@kepeida.com
  • Add: No.299 Fumin Road, Lucheng Town, Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
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