Product Features of Intelligent Silica Cleaning Machine
 May 26, 2020|View:216

As a kind of cleaning equipment, intelligent silicon wafer cleaning integrated machine belongs to the wet corrosion cleaning equipment series which are designed for specific process requirements. We will elaborate its 7 characteristics.

Feature one, adopt PLC control, touch screen operation panel.

Feature two, servo drive system and chip box transmission system.

Feature three, it can realize the functions of chemical liquid circulation, automatic liquid dispensing and so on.

Feature four. Quartz, PTFE、PVDF、PP, stainless steel can be used for the slot material of intelligent silicon wafer cleaning machine.

Feature five, each cleaning tank function can be configured according to user requirements.

Feature six, it uses a variety of working modes, including automatic, semi-automatic, manual and so on.

Feature seven, may achieve accurate temperature control, accuracy can reach ±0.5℃.

These are the seven features of the smart silicon wafer cleaning machine. I believe that in this introduction, you will have a new understanding of this device.

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