Kepeida OGS: What are the advantages of cleaning machine
 May 26, 2020|View:127

Firstly, it adopts the unique design of slow pulling and dehydration, and adopts the way of circulating hot air drying, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Secondly, the OGS cleaning machine produced by Kepeida adopts high pressure spray technology, which can effectively solve the pure water cleanliness of the later stage process and effectively reduce the amount of pure water.

Thirdly, ultrasonic generator has an efficiency up to 95%, power 0-100% adjustable; use 40 KHZ、68KHZ and other high frequency ultrasonic frequency, more conducive for cleaning.

Four points above are the outstanding advantages of Kepeida OGS cleaning machine. It is the combination of these advantages that makes the device appealing to the public. If you want to learn more, contact us in time.

Last but not least, wide range of applications. Kepeida's OGS cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning various optical products, such as camera components, liquid crystal substrate components and mobile phone glass, etc.

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